Reviews: The Book Thief

bookthiefThis wonderful book is different then any other that I have read. The Book Theif is a book for youth but as an adult, I enjoyed it myself. It gave a different look at the Holocaust. The narrator is Death himself. He tells the story of a young girl in 1939 during Nazi Germany named Liesel Meminger. She fell in love with books after finding her first one and taking it from her brother’s grave even though at the time she could not read. This is the beginning of her stealing books from dangerous places to fulfill her hunger of reading that she later learned to do. Her adopted family goes through many emotional uncertainties while hiding a Jewish man in their basement. He becomes more than a stranger that they would put their life on the line for. What a book that shows love and friendship during a time when most felt alone! I hear that they are making this great book into a movie. I can’t wait!

Read more about the author, Markus Zusak below.


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