Reviews: A Casual Vacancy


13497818When I heard that J. K. Rowling wrote a new book for adults, I knew I had to read it. I loved her Harry Potter series and wondered if her new book would be just as good or was Harry Potter a luck thing for her. I have to say the woman can write and has a gift. The Casual Vacancy touched on life in a small town in England where the people there were affected by the death of Barry Fairbrother who left a vacant seat on the council. This town, Pagford, is just like any other. Her characters seem so alive and they are colorful in their characteristics.  You can relate to knowing someone to fit each one. From the rich to the poor living and trying to keep their life together, she hit on the true ups and downs in life. The deceased, Fairbrother, had touched each person’s life in some way and his departure has left not only an opened seat in the council but sadness, bitterness, and greediness among the townspeople.

This book came out just a few months ago, and BBC One is in talks with making it a TV series. Check out her website for more details. This would be one series I would watch.




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