Review: I Am What I Am; John Barrowman

If you are a Torchwood or Dr. Who fan, then you’ll love this book about the life of John Barrowman AKA Captain Jack Harkness! Reading his book starts out like a visit to an old friend’s house. He invites you in and tells a little about his collection of prized possesions such as the Dalek waiting to greet you after you walk in the door. This is his second book. Though I have not read his first, published in 2009, Anything Goes, reading this has me interested to go back and pick it up as well. His sense of humor has you laughing out loud before you know it. (I guess that explains the funny looks I have received at the nearby Starbucks.) Okay, his humor is contagious. He has many footnotes through out the book giving explanations or adding a few jokes or in his case naughty thoughts. If you love Captain Jack, then you’ll love reading about the man who brought life to the character and knowing him on a personal level.  His family will feel like old friends as he describes his life growing up.

John Barrowman, with Carole E. Barrowman

Check out his official site 



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