Reviews: The Dressmaker

To continue from my theme from last week, another must for the Titanic lovers is The Dressmaker. This is a great novel that adds some fiction with real events and people from the most famous unsinkable ship. I enjoyed this story so much about a young girl, Tess who wanted to come to America and escape her life of being a servant to fulfill her dream of being a seamstress. With determination and help from faith she crosses the path minutes before the Titanic leaves with Lady Lucile Duff Gordon who agrees to take her on as her maid aboard the Titanic. Tess is then on the journey of a lifetime and survives the tragic sinking of this unforgettable ship.  That is just the beginning for this seamstress in the making. America opens her eyes to romance, betrayal, and learning the difference between who to trust. You feel for Tess as she deals with many uncertainties as she follows her dreams one including feelings for a love interest that conflicts with the woman who seems to have power to make those dreams as a seamstress come true. Please check Kate Alcott’s Facebook page for more information about her books.



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