Reviews: My Life For Your Life

This is one of those books that is a must read if you have any family member on the police force, fire department, EMT, and military, etc. Not too many people are brave enough to mention the topic of suicide in a career such as these, but it is very much a problem. The topic of Post-Traumatic Stress is one of the causes for many of these men and women to take their own lives. First published in 2011, this book is written as a hope to prevention with not only ten stories of officers who felt that they had no other way out, but with letters from the love ones left behind. Written by Clarke Paris who was a veteran police officer himself in the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, he has conducted seminars on this very same subject. Written for those to read in the field along with the love ones, I highly recommend this book. Everyone will be touched by the lives of the officers and hopefully educate themselves to the cause and preventions of suicide. To learn more and to order the books please check the below link.

This book has a special meaning to me because my children’s father is one of the officers mentioned. We received no compensation to let his story be told, but felt that if it could save one life, then that would be enough for us. Please share.



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