Reviews: A Brew To A Kill

This author, Cleo Coyle, is my favorite of all and you will probably see many more reviews from her books in the future. Actually she writes them in partnership with her husband. Her latest from A Coffeehouse Mystery, A Brew To A Kill, is number 11 in the series. The main character, Clare, is the manager of a coffeehouse owned by her ex-mother-in-law, and Clare shares the partnership with her ex-husband, Matteo who flies to other countries to make purchases of the coffee beans for their business. Clare helps solve a new mystery or in the case of this book, two. Usually she has the help of her detective boyfriend, Mike Quinn. I have to say this one was really enjoyable. She added more colorful characters that fit right in with the regular ones. I love reading about Clare and I relate to her in many ways. Being a single mom with the love of coffee, we are even about the same age. It is filled with a little of everything I like in a book! It is packed with mystery, a little romance, and COFFEE, lots and lots of coffee. (I guess you can tell I am obsessed with the java.)  I can hardly wait for the next one, which will come out in December for the holidays.  If you are looking for a great mystery series this is the one. I suggest starting with the first one, On What Grounds and continue through all of them. If you do, please tell me what you think.

Oh, and I almost forgot. Each book has yummy recipes. My favorite was in the 10th book Murder By Mocha, and I called it coffee cheese sandwich because you mix cheese with any French pressed coffee.

Check out Cleo Coyle’s website which is as entertaining as her books. You can read more about Clare and the other characters from her Coffeehouse Mysteries. You will also see she writes another series, The Haunted Bookshop Mysteries as Alice Kimberly. I’ll refer to them another week, but they are just so amazing.


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